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PETA types get it in the neck

White Fox

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I've been rather rolling in smiles the last while.




The story in short form is that the TO humane society was taken over a number of years back by the PETA types. They would give all animals away without doing away with any sick ones, etc. Yep, the idea is good. But recent days have shown interviews from people who used to work there as to things that went on, etc. The group of course kicked out the OSPCA (Ontario) And since Toronto is the largest city in Ontario... well you can guess the rest.


There have been rumors of mistreatment for a long while. I will let you read and make your own minds up though.


Anyhow, yesterday the Humane Society was raided by the OSPCA, and the top people were all arrested for animal cruelty. For once the truth is getting out. Let's hope that they are able to find some really revealing bit of info in records there, etc. I would love to hear that those records prove how money was sent to PETA rather than caring for animals! Problem is that so often they are just too smart to get caught that way.



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It is shame that things go that way..and often ironic that mr average Joe gets busted for ' tax evasion' of a couple of $1000 by the US gov, but some ' so-called' charities seem to evade a deep investigation for years and years....

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You are correct along with the fact that there are many, many dedicated people in there. No matter what we think of the bosses and organizations many of their workers are simply types who wish to see that no animals suffer.


Then, along come the heads of this place. Probably on huge salaries taking the money that was meant for the safety of animals to get thousands of dollars per year each. And probably bowing to PETA or others and sending them large donations as well. Then saying, "Why don't you people donate so we can treat animals better?"


It is those folks (I don't ant to use the word I am thinking of) who are causing the problems.



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It is shame that things go that way..and often ironic that mr average Joe gets busted for ' tax evasion' of a couple of $1000 by the US gov, but some ' so-called' charities seem to evade a deep investigation for years and years....


Interesting you mention this little tangent... check out this post on Google Finance




As you can gather, this guy predicted that Lehman Brothers was going to collapse accurately to the day almost 2 months in advance... (He also predicted the last minute change in the Feb stimulus package about a week before it was announced)


I follow his blog and he has a very interesting view of the global/macro economics & geopolitical affairs.


Anyway, back to your point. One of the points reinhardt makes is that charities are often used as cover by large business people who claim to be "philanthropists". This is largely because it's a very clever proxy/way for them to dodge tax and hide "book cooking" away from company balance sheets.


Further more, if you investigate a lot of large scale events like Madoff, 9/11, and Enron, AIG, etc you'll understand that the government are in deeply connected / involved in these scams. Further more they know well in advance when these so called "accidents" and "failures" will take place. For example:


* Many of the top AIG directors were dumping their shares about a year before the credit crunch --> http://www.secform4.com/insider-trading/5272.htm

* Bush and the Bin Laden family were connected through the Carlyle Group group, a hudge fund that profitted from defence contractors

* There was massive shorting of United Airlines and American Airlines stock that were traced back to top CIA staff the day before 9/11


I know this is quiet off topic, but I thought it was interesting to point out and a bit of an eye opener to others. For those who are interested... if you connect the dots behind 9/11 you'll realise that the whole thing was most certainly an inside job done by the CIA/neocons, etc.


Interestingly enough, the next big thing is the whole green energy thing. I'm not sure if you saw the CRU leak a few weeks ago, but that says a lot in its self. What is so sad is that we'll have a load of dumb left wing animal-rights, "environmentalists", hippies and other similar groups harp on about how important it is to curb carbon emissions etc. If you look at what's happening with the recent climate meeting, you'll see that Al Gore and Rockerfella are behind all this attempt to second "green" Enron and it's all the dumb brainwashed vegans and veggies who buy into this nonsese (after all they probably buy soy products which are one of the most harmful foods to the environment)

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