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shadow fox vs. white fox

Lil Dragonfly

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Shadow fox is almost pure white with a small percentage of the guard hairs having black tips. As it looks white until one examines it closely, it is sometimes mis-labeled as white fox.

If shadow fox is brightened (bleached) it can lose most of the dark guard hair tips and thus become basically a white fox pelt.


The winter coat of the Arctic fox is almost pure white, but with a much denser underfur than a Shadow fox.


To my knowledge there is no White Fox breed (except for the owner of this website ). White Fox is more a description of the fur's color than an indication of a fox breed. Similarly, almost all black fox is dyed as black colored fox is a rare mutation.

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Indeed AK is right,


if you take a look at the fox pelts auctioned at Finland (SAGA)




they start auctioning the pelts by size and color. Color categories, from darker to lighter are:











So basically, the White Foxes are the brightest Shadow Foxes.

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