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The Love Of Fur - A Fur for the Premiere


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Update time again so very have another two girl scene to release featuring two new gorgeous young UK starlets: Cate Harrington and Natalia Forrest in "A Fur for the Premiere".


Free trailer snippet clip on the site now and the full scene and clips are available for members. Let me know what you think of the girls debut fur performance.





Mr Mockle

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Well, I think your new site is fantastic Mr Mockle. 1st class. What with Brandy being here too I'd say we're being spoilt here at the Fur Den. IMO you both deserve top billing here at the Fur Den. I feel that that the activity has been drifting from the den to the 'other site'. You know where I mean - we all go there! So perhaps the moderators would consider their position on this. Its just an idea, but it needs to be said.


OK I know I'm not the most prolific contributor myself

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Could you please elaborate on what you are suggesting staff here do? I am just not catching what you mean. We will gladly take any suggestions by members for this site very, very high on our list.


Brandy and Mr M have their own sites so we would not be able to host everything of theirs here. However, we gladly provide Brandy with her own area on this site and will do the same thing for others who wish such and fit in under the rules of doing that, etc. That is very easy indeed.


Again, I am simply asking that you tell us more of your thoughts as I am not understanding you here at the moment. Just need you to explain a bit more.


Thanks for any suggestions you have.



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First of all thanks for all the hardwork you and the mods put in. I love the site.


I would have thought the furden could host their 'banners' and allow them to advertise directly here on the site with clickable links. Whilst it is easy to find Brandy and Mr Mockle via their frequent posts here on the forums it is not obvious they have commercial sites. That's how I see it.


Am I missing something? Hosting issues perhaps?

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White Fox or FrBrGr could (and hopefully will) provide a better explanation, but basically the Fur Den has always been a non-commercial, member supported website. The Fur Den is designed to be where fur lovers can find a respite from the in-your-face advertising seen on many websites, along with information and discussions on fur. We do allow a limited amount of self-promotion, but try to keep the site friendly and useful without becoming cluttered by meaningless advertising.


We provide, in the Links section of our wiki, clickable links to many fur related websites. Many of those links are to commercial websites.


This model has so far worked very well as evidenced by the balance in our treasury which at this time is sufficient for about another 3 years of hosting and domain registration services. Many websites that do have commercial banner ads have trouble raising enough money from their advertising to pay their hosting and domain registration costs.

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