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Guest OFF or Old Fur F##t

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If PeTA had their way ..........


Dogs and cats would soon be running wild since there would be no "Animal Control" of any sort, local, State or Federal.


Dogs being dogs will quickly run in packs. They will begin to attack not only any and all other furry little animals but humans (children) too. The deer problem back east will vanish as the dogs devour them first. Easy prey for a pack of dogs. Tough times for the dear deer.


Bears and large cats will find life much more exciting as the dogs begin attacking them too. Since they are at the top of the food chain they will survive OK, maybe 'improve' their breeds even as they start going after the dogs and small cats.


Domestic cats will instantly take care of many birds. Squirrels and rabbits will have a very hard time of it from the cats. They will also be food for the dogs and other bigger predators. They are very resourceful however and will survive quite well. Probably still hanging around humans.


Of course you will not be able to shoot any animals attacking you since this will be against the new laws protecting the animals. Hunters and the gun clubs will love this little twist in the rewriting of the Constitution to include animals.


The Zoo animals on the other hand will mostly get eaten since there are not that many big predator animals in the zoo's. Most are grazing feeders. The big cat will have a lot of fun though. Many of them will simply die from lack of care since most only know humans caring for them.


You probably get the idea of this reality.


What brought this to mind is the local County run Animal Shelters are having to close due to budget cuts. I'm wondering what will be the real fallout from this?


I'll be off air for a week or so. Moving and computer fixing. I'll catch the responses later.



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