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Nice Photo Collection

White Fox

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Yep, I know this site, but it hardly qualifies as a blog. As you correctly identified, White Fox, this is just a "photo collection." It would have been great if the site's owner simply made an effort and wrote a few lines on what he thinks on the photo sets he is uploading. That would be the original content he is contributing, and that would be something worth commenting on.


It used to be that bandwidth and storage space were both quite expensive. Do you rememeber when the mail quota on hotmail was just 100MB? Or maybe even less (I don't remember that well). Nowadasy, gmail is giving away more than 7GB of mail space to anyone and everyone. I must have nearly a dozen different accounts now, each dedicated to a different purpose, activity, or hobby.


Nowadays, there are so many alternatives to host a photo collection for free. Blogspot is currently owned by google, so when you post photos there, they are held at picasaweb, another google site. Flickr is owned by yahoo, and in terms of comments, favorites, contacts, friends, and correspondence, it is a great place. Photobucket, imageshack, fotopic... There are many image repositories, and the smart ones are moving towards interactivity, comments, ratings, etc. Heck, you can host a photo collection even in facebook!


Today's internet experience calls for interactivity at the highest level. If you want people to come and visit your little corner in the huge online world, you should give them an incentive. You should make it easier for them to comment, post, contribute. You should respond to comments left in your blog, then go over to those people's blogs and comment on their posts.


What does it tell us about the fur den? Well, for a starter, this is a "public space" in the sense that it is not "owned" by any of us. Then, things get more complex, because a forum is like a miniature internet by itself, while from the outside it may be considered to have a collective identity of its own. My comments above can be applied to a member of the forum. If a member wants people to take him or her into account, become friends, etc, he or she should do the same.

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