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Creeps take holidays too

White Fox

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I've two emails very visible on the net. My email here for instance. Plus another that is in very public view. One has been visible on the net for probably at least 6 years now I would think. So you can imagine the crap that I get. Setting filters for sex and drug terms help out a huge amount, but still some gets through and of course I have to check the server's anti spam.


Often times I get a couple of days with no spam and sit "thanking the Lord" for those. They help me keep my sanity. The anti spam of course keeps the numbers down, but I will still get as many as 10 that get through after a hundred or more are knocked out by the server's filters, etc.


I cannot believe that I just went for two weeks without one message in my anti spam box, etc. Obviously the bastard(s) went on vacation. They will be back. Indeed I got two in one email today knocked out by the server. But Thank God for VACATIONS!


Sanity rules once in awhile anyhow!



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Spam levels may be down worldwide because there was recently a counter-attack on a bot network that handles a good portion of the world's spam.


Some articles to read on the subject:




But don't worry. The spam bots will be back soon, pumping out even more crap for you. It's all just a matter of time!

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Things may not be as good as they might appear.


There has recently been a constant stream of probably spam messages sent to a former, now invalid, address for White Fox on the Den's server.


Yes, spammers do occasionally take a break or get shut down temporarily, but such lulls in the flood of junk messages are usually short.

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Interesting title, WF. Had to click it to find out what you were on about.


Spam is indeed one of life's many annoyances. Yahoo groups in particular seems to spawn a ridiculous number of worthless e-mails. I have been contemplating closing my account (as I cannot seem to keep up!).

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Indeed, they will be back! Dam it. But God I am enjoying the holiday until they are. Still clean.


Wish I could change my other email but the consequences are huge.

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Try something like this. http://services.nexodyne.com/email/index.php


If it's for a web site you write the code for it's great. Just make the icon into a clickable link and your set.


The bots don't pick it up as an email address. Cuts way down on the spam.

Even if you can't control the coe that goes with it you can still tell people it's your address.

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