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"The Velvet Vampire" (1971)

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Was just surfing around the internet and stumbled on the title of an old "B" movie from 1971 titled "The Velvet Vampire."


It's right after Halloween so I thought it would be interesting to check into. Besides, who doesn't dig 1970's era B-movie shlock?

As I was looking around, I found the trailer on YouTube:


Hmmm... There are a few seconds in that trailer that look interesting!

So I hunted around for more. I found a few screen shots:


A shlocky 1970's vintage B-horror flick with fur!? Now, this movie has my attention!

It looks so bad it's got to be good!


I'd love to be able to find some clearer shots so I can get a better look at the fur.


Anybody remember this movie? It'd be great if I could rent a copy on video.

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I wouldn't keep the movie if there are only two scenes with a total of 30 seconds of fur in them.

Besides, the quality of those screen shots makes it hard to tell if it is real fur. Guessing from the fact that the movie was released in 1971 it's a good bet it is real but you never can tell.


I'm going to see if I can't rent it somewhere.

I'll bet Blockbuster has it.

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