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Everyone here is being fantastic, as usual!


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Apologies for the long absence, but things have been quite busy, especially as the winter season draws nearer and nearer. But, again, it seems everyone here has been having more than a great time; we're just sorry to have not been here for every moment of it.


And here's some information for New Yorkers (or potential New Yorkers, or anyone willing to make the trip ). We have amped up our efforts for people who are selling used furs (we like to buy fur too, you know). In addition, we have some new used fur coats for your viewing and owning pleasure. Finally, if you enjoy leather as much as your fur, you can have the best of both worlds here (there's a black leather coat with rabbit trim and a red leather coat with mink trim--pick your poison).


Last but not least, happy holidays and we hope everyone has an unforgettable holiday season. " title="Applause" />

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