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Detachable fox hood trims


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Hey, I'm sure some of the members here have had this done to their coats and probably some people with furrier experience have some imput here too.


I'm wanting to have some fox trims made to put in the hoods of a few coats and hoodies I have. Obviously I don't want nasty sub standard tails and thus want to opt for full pelts. I want them to be as thick and fluffy as possible. I'm looking to get ones made in different types (arctic most likely, followed by frost/silver/indago, and then red or golden fox or lynx).


My burning question is this: What is the best way to design these so they can be semi detachable. Ideally I would like to be able to hav it to I can add them to my hoodies and take them off when I need to put them in the wash. While I'm aware I'll probably need some buttons or similar attachment mechanism on the hoodie, I'd like to make this as discrete as posible for when I don't have the fur attached. I'm guessing a zip based system would prove unsuitable for something like fox as the hair would easily get trapped.


I'm also curious to know how much this would cost in terms of labour. I'm thinking about using 2 pelts (attached in the middle by their rear) as a lot of arctic fox pelts seem to be on the small side. Also I was thinking it would make it more symetrical (given the rear is a bigger curcumference than the head/neck side, so the last thing I want is it to be bigger on one side than the other if I used one big long pelt.)


Please let me know your thoughts and experiences.

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