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On October 08, 2009, someone donated $25.00 to the Fur Den. We would like to recognize that person for their generosity, but the donor did not include their member name and we are unable to match the email address used to any registered member of either the Fur Den or Melody.


If you are the above mentioned person, please send a PM or email to either myself or White Fox mentioning the email address used for the donation for verification.

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No, we have never found the donor. It is possible that the person thought that they might get emails back or something such that would be seen by a family member. I want to assure everyone that we try to never use the email system if we can avoid it just for that reason and we never send spam, etc.


Indeed we would still love to know who you are so that we can say a huge "thank you"!


You may have noticed that the latest donor is a person who has never posted in the Den forums, but our site is so large that he/she enjoys it for the other areas here. We often think that because the forums are not used as much that people are not active here. But our stats prove that huge numbers of people use the wiki for instance. It didn't used to be that way, but it is now. And of course the Gallery. People can spend every night here for months and never see everything without even coming to the forums.


Thanks again for your donation ClosetFur2



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We at the Fur Den would like to thank


For the recent kind donation to the Den

We would also like to thank the anonymous person who donated recently.


It is through the generosity of folks like closetfur2 and our other donors that the Den exists. and can be seen here!


Thanks again for your donation ClosetFur2




It's nice you take the time to recognize Donating Denizens, WF. A "personal touch" in an increasingly impersonal world!

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