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Barbara Streisand's furs up for auction!


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A nice find on my regular morning scan of GettyImages today - yet another celebrity auction including furs for offer!


Barbara Streisand is holding an auction of some of her items, outifts, furniture, memorabilia - and furs - this coming weekend 17th/18th October. The auction is being hosted by Julien's Auctions - look for "The Collection of Barbara Streisand" - and proceeds go to The Streisand Foundation. Anyone who happens to be in the Beverly Hills area - those lucky few! - can visit a public exhibition of some of her items until Friday 16th October being held at the Beverly Hills Hilton hotel.


Search GettyImages.com for "fur" or "Barbara Streisand" and you should find a pic or two of them.



Mr Mockle

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Furs are not too impressive for such a famous personality


Maybe she's gotten rid of some of her best furs before? Keeping the best?


Her collections of Craftsman Style stuff however is very impressive. Also a modest but fine collection of art and jade.



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Furs are great especially if it comes from Barbara Streisand. I really adore her. All her songs were timeless. I hope i could have one of her furs.

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Welcome to the Den. It is always so great to seen another new member posting here. Hope you enjoy our little home here as much as we "Old guys" do!



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Thank you White Fox. I know i will enjoy my stay here because I'm a fan of fur. It looks so elegant and sophisticated when you wearing it,

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