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Texas Monthly magazine available full view at Google Books


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I have discovered a lot of fur interest items in the Texas Monthly magazine available for full view at Google Books. The following page takes you direct to a search with keyword "fur"

in the said magazine:




There are some great furrier ads, but those by James Hirsch furs deserve special mention. I have already uploaded a few, featuring men in furs, but there is also a great series of ads, with the catchphrase "Real furs for real people."


Besides ads, there are a few features and stories on fur fashion and fur industry that's worth reading for. The November 1983 issue has a great fur fashion feature titled "The Wild Ones," in a tone you would just expect from the Texans.


"The one good reason to wear a fur in Texas, short of indulging in frontier fantasies, is because it makes you feel good. Stepping out conscpicuosly swathed in fur will always get a reaction, especially in a climate like ours, where the only noncontroversial reason for wearing fur -to stay warm- rarely applies. So be prepared: no matter what your motives, others will be bound to pass judgment. Furs just do that to people."


The article is interesting because it deals with the anti-fur concerns head-on. In fact, the reader responses published in January 1984 issue illustrate early examples of the anti-fur movement.


Direct links to the pages of this article:158, 159, 160, 161,162, 163, 164, 165


The April 1978 issue has an article "Stayin Alive" by a farmer for whom the furry animals are both a threat to agriculture and a possible source of revenue. The February 1989 issue has an article along similar lines, but focused exclusively on the Texas bobcat.


Apart from these, many articles refer to furs, fur coats worn by the Texas rich, furriers, etc. It's worth exploring.

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When I lived in New Jersey, the magazine NJ Monthly used to carry a number of fur ads and featured fur and fur trim in many of their fashion spreads. Unfortunately, right around the time I left (5 or so years ago), they had gone politically correct and rarely carried even an ad for fur. Very sad.



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What does one do to limit a search there to a certain magazine? I would like to search "Town & Country" back issues, if they have been Googlized. Does anyone have a collection from when they use to have an October issue with a socialite in fur on their cover? The first time I saw it was in 1984, when Joan Cunningham Dick (since remarried and sporting a different name) was the socialite-model. I remember especially an amethyst-dyed fox, as well as a silver fox with matching hat that was extra nice. In 1986, there was a beautiful blonde named Courtney Regan, who was photographed in the Adirondacks. I have seen some of her fur photos on line, but never all of them grouped together, as far as I can recall. I believe the next year, or else 1988, there was a very young woman, whose name I do not recall, who was an equestrian, which lent the theme to the pictorial. My favorite that year was a huge Russian lynx, with a large external belt added. She was a cutie! They stopped after 1988 or 1989, for whatever reason (economics, PeTA pressure, a new editrix?), although there was a smaller spread in 1991, I believe, that was not a cover story, and which was rather downplayed. Does anyone know what year those October pictorials started? Thanks for any insights, or directions to fur-photo postings therefrom....

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DKMain, sorry I must have missed your question when you posted it. If you go to "advanced search" you can limit your searches to a specific magazine, if you know that magazine's ISSN (International Standard Serial Number). Now, with some searching, I found out that Town&Country's ISSN is 0040-9952 and unfortunately Google Books does not cover it, probably because it is still being published. With some luck, you may locate those back issues in a library, though...

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A rather-belated correction: The October 1984 "Town & Country" covergirl was socialite Jane Cunningham Dick, not Joan Cunningham Dick. She is now Jane Elebash. Her current husband, Peter Elebash, is a high-end realtor and developer in Millbrook, New York: http://www.theelebashcompany.com/sources/team.html. Twenty-six years later, she has retained her slim figure; but, that outfit is no match for, say, that amethyst-dyed fox that she donned back in 1984!

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