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Roninphy does it again!

Worker 11811

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I'm sure a lot of members noticed this but I was hoping somebody would make note of it here:


Roninphy has created a new batch of fantasy fur pictures for our gallery.

Here are a couple of samples:

[image]http://thefurden.com/cpgfd/albums/userpics/10364/thumb_FMF_Carmen_Electra_chinchilla.jpg[/image] [image]http://thefurden.com/cpgfd/albums/userpics/10364/thumb_FMF_Carmen_Electra_black_fox_runway.jpg[/image]

(Click the pictures!)


Nice work as always! " title="Applause" />

I'm always happy to see your work!

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Indeed, and it takes a whole lot of learning and time searching to come up with just the right combinations for those photos! What people don't realize is just how much work goes into finding the parts of the photo to merge - i.e. the original photos - even before the merging work begins.


This is huge amounts of both technique (knowledge), and work. And indeed that does not come easily.


So nice to see you back Roninphy!



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I must admit that when I browsed recent Gallery additions a few days ago, I saw Roninphy's latest submissions, but did NOT notice that they were composites due to the high quality of the work.


As WF indicated, it takes a lot searching to find compatible images for compositing.

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I know how much work goes into Roninphy's creations, because I tried my hand on it. In fact, that was the reason I ever bothered learning Photoshop. I remember going over hundreds and hundreds of photos over and over again, just to come up with only a handful suitable furs having the right colour, contrast, resolution and detail. Though creating a single composite image would take the whole night, I must say it was great fun arranging and moving around layers of fur pieces. Of course, none of my creations came close to Roninphy's work.

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Hi Guys


Uhh gosh you are making me blush. Really.

Thanks for the kind welcome and for all your generous comments - it's the best way I can think of to motivate artistic types to get back to work!


I have been away for a while( sadly) for personal issues related to the financial meltdown in Iceland leading to my moving from my home to the US of A. I now work ( green card and all) and live in can you believe it ...Los Angeles ?????


Any way as a new "Icelander in So Cal" I hope to find more time to pursue my interests here at the den.

I did dabble in you tube movies last July




....and no, clearly I am NOT working in the entertainment business. ( LOL )





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That's almost 1/5 of the way around the world!


The earth is 24,900 miles in circumference. You are approximately 4,500 miles away from home. That's not quite 20%. (18% to be exact.)

I hope you're hanging in there!


BTW: The videos are nice!


Here's the link directly to Roninphy's YouTube channel.


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Thanks for the good thoughts gang !


Linda I used to ride my bicycle to work ( Except during Heavy Snow)- very whole earth - NOT a possibility in LA ! ( Heavy Snow or Bicycling to work)



"Fantasy Model in Furs" seem to be catching on to a certain audience

This from missduces incorporates Roninphy and his accomplice in photoshopping Foxyfur

(Put two Scandinavians together- now that asking for fireworks or firewater! I am not sure about that last point -Skoal!)

Fantasy Models in Fur at you tube


Cheers from the City of the Angeles



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In case newer members do not recognize the name Roninphy...


Just go to our Library and click on the photography section, or go to this URL... http://vdsden.thefurden.com/fdwiki/?n=Photo.Home


In the list you will find "The works of Roninphy".


In that area, just click on the exhibition that you would like to see, and enjoy - Mansfield, Monrow, The Silent Era! You will notice that it is far more than photographs too. Each area is an educational link on it's own!



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Hope you don't turn into one of those Californicators


Have fun in your new home.






Hmmmmmm Off


My English is shaky ..

My grasp of American idiom very poor...

but I think I get your drift I ll skip the first and go for the last !

I am hoping to take an instant tutorial in the last clause

They really do have Angels in this city

Needs colder weather for furs though!

BTW Westwood LA could still learn something from Reykjavik night life



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It's cold tonight here in the Pacific Northwest and sleeping under my Red Fox spread


Why I decided here in 1970 instead of San Francisco.


Heaven forbid LA



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