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Fur Weather


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Tonight's baseball game in Denver was cancelled because of snow. Hopefully, it will still be cold once the game is played. I thinking the fur sighting factor is very high.



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I was goofing around on the internet, looking for information about weather when I found this new page on the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency's (NOAA) website:




Click on the map to zoom in on the place where you live then roll your mouse over the menus on the left side of the window to see the weather map change to indicate the conditions in the next few hours. There's a little pull-down at the top of the menu so you can select any day up to a week in advance.


I've been using this page for the last few weeks, now, and I find it to be the best source of weather information available.

After all, the local weather forecasters use this information to make their reports on the nightly news. Why not get the information from the source? Right?


Sorry it only predicts weather for the United States.

What agency do people from Europe, Britain, and other places get their weather predictions from?

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NOAA's weather site is always informative. They have a major station at the U. of Wash. in Seattle.


What always amazes me is the weather and water conditions of Lake Superior. It is often much worse than the oceans at the two coasts.


A site I use daily for VERY local, like my very neighborhood weather is: http://www.wunderground.com/US/WA/Tacoma.html


You can dial in your own neighborhood and get very specific reporting



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Yes! The "Weather Underground"!


I know why they are called that but how did they get away with it, considering the negative connotations that name has?

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