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Air Boat ride


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Hi everyone. Sorry I just disapeared.


It was not just with the fur den, kind of my life in general. Won't bore you with the details.


I did take a day off yesterday and had a wonderful new adventure.


There is a place an hour away from me where you can take an airboat ride out in the wild. Many are available arounf alkes, few like this one.


If you are ever around this area make sure you try it. Including tip it was about $40 a person for a trip that lasted over an hour.


Five stars!!



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Airboats are cool! I wish I had one.

But, first, I'd need a place to drive it. Do you think the Fish and Boat Commission would let me take it on Lake Erie?

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You know it is interesting. The one thing that everyone knows about the Everglades down in Florida is that you take out an airboat to see hundreds of alligators and crocks.


Yep, there are a whole lot of gators, and a very few crocks. But airboats are illegal in the Everglades and have been for a long while. Natives can use them in some areas. (Or maybe all. I can't remember.) But even they do not use them very much. Actually the "Everglades we all know" is not very wide spread. That is endless saw grass, etc. It is pretty much solid mangrove, and an air boat won't penetrate that stuff anyhow.


But as Linda says, it is a fascinating ride. A bit noisy, but still fun. Well worth doing if you ever get the chance!




****** P.S. Say, great to see you back Earendil.

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