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what is the price of finnish raccoon


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I would need a help. On ebay I found this gorgeous coat:


and I'd love to buy it. The starting price is US$900 but I have seen some finnish raccoon coat for from £300 buy now, however, not so huge. This coat is modelled buy a guy who's 6'3" and I'm 6'2".

The desriptition tells:

Full length fur coat. A Show stopper! Don't have need for it anymore and its sitting in storage in a fur safe enviornment.. I am 6'3 and it is almost floor length on me. I can email more pictures if your interested. I emailed the Furrier where I bought it 10 years ago in Chicago and they said it is Raccoon- Finnish Raccoon actually which is even better than Raccoon I am told! It is amazing to wear and even better the remarks you get!


Thanks for your help


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Looks like a mal-formed URL to me - a problem with using copy & paste as many sites automatically shorten displayed links which can make them unusable elsewhere. Try right clicking on the link and using "Copy Link Location" if your browser supports that option.

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