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Errant gender defeinitions

Guest OFF or Old Fur F##t

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What I'm referring to is not the PC rewording of things like mail person for mailman or other such rewriting of the dictionary.


This refers to words that are truly of the wrong gender.


For example:


A woman can have a hernia but a man will have a himnia.


A hysterectomy would more accurately be the removal of the male sex organs.


A woman would have a hersterectomy.


Likewise a man would go into hysterics and a woman would go into herterics.


I understand this wiill take some getting use to but I'm sure there are other such gender errors out there that our members might bring to light.




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With hurricane season upon us, you should know that storms are named, alternately, with women's and men's names.


That makes every other one a HIMicane!


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