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Some information about a coat and this forum


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We were browsing the forum for some time to see what was new and, as usual, were extremely pleased to see the amount and kind of activity that is occurring here. Everyone is extremely proud of their furry passion, and this is always wonderful to behold (though we would expect no less).


In short, thank you all for constituting such a great community.


Finally, there is more information on our end regarding new fur attire. There are additional mink fur coats availible for your viewing, and maybe owning, pleasure. We love being a furrier that has the privilege of talking directly with individuals such as yourselves.


Happy autumn everyone!

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It is always great to hear from folks in such a way. It is so hard to know if people really appreciate what we are doing here. If we are providing what people wish. etc. So often people don't let us know and what they don't understand is that if we do not get the feedback, we don't know what people think of the site. Without feedback, the forums for instance are doomed to be discontinued, etc. Thanks again, for the kind remarks. They are very much appreciated, believe me. It is so good to hear such.


You indeed have a great web site and some really great products. I love that sheared mink cape. That is beautiful!



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Thank you for the kind words, CF! We're always honored to have outstanding furriers drop by and offer their advice and opinions to all of us here at the Den. Please stop by often or as your schedule permits. Thanks again!



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Sorry for the delay in response!


Thank you all very much for your kind words as well; they mean a lot to us and nothing makes us happier than to have the opportunity to engage with your community--you are what we thrive on, after all (without you we wouldn't be much of anything!). It thrills us to no end that we are able to share with you what's happening with our business and what new items are at your fingertips; we enjoy keeping those who appreciate our endeavor informed.


Take care and hope to see you all on the discussion boards!

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