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Always loved this

White Fox

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I well remember seeing this commercial and always loved it for obvious reasons! However, til I just saw it here I had no idea that the man driving the sleigh was wearing fox too. I had just always been looking at the woman in white fox.




What a fantastic commercial!


P.S.!!! Never gambol with this woman. She cheats!





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I remember that commercial!

Brings back memories!


In fact, I noticed something else!


Do you remember the old TV show, "Punky Brewster"?




Also remember the kid who starred in that show? Soleil Moon Frye, was her name. Remember?




Well, guys! That show aired back in the 1980's. Guess what?

Soleil Moon Frye is all grown up, now!




And, just for your viewing pleasure, I was able to find a still photo of that same video! It's in our gallery, now!



(Click the picture!)

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Some great finds here.... ah, if only the ad execs on Madison Avenue kept making commercials like the one for Trident Mints... who would have thought that 'Punky Brewster' would have turned out to be so hot!?!?



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