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A new interesting though slow link

White Fox

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This link is interesting, though slow to load, and - actually seems to proceed a bit slowly too. However, well worth the time to look at it. I also kind of hate having them talking to what is obviously a model who is imitating a customer. Helps a bit if you can read French though still interesting without it.


Again though, well worth the time to load it.



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It's spoken in Russian and subtitled in French.

If it was spoken in French I'd get enough of it to tell what they are talking about. My ability to read French is "slow" at best.


The only reason I even understand French at the (poor) level I do is because I was exposed to some French-Canadian growing up. Although they are both dialects of the same language they are spoken quite differently.


But, who CAREs about the language? Those FURS are great!

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I can roughly understand a good bit of it though not all. But the photos pretty much speak for themselves. I didn't have the sound up when I listened to it.



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I have to agree with White about the nice youtube video showing all that sable, mink and chinchilla fur. The gals wearing the furs are pretty cute too. In walks a pretty, tall gal who was very interested in the furs and it appeared somewhat obviously too, that she was shopping for furs, and in the mood for a purchase.


What has me bewildered, is that while showing off all of those gorgeous brand new furs, the 'madam furrier'' who did most of the talking decided she needed to go and 'light up' over in the corner of the room. I personally find that appalling to say the least. While I might be stepping on some toes here, I must say that I totally dislike the idea of someone showcasing perhaps a quarter of a million dollars worth the fine furs and then destroying the whole ambience of the moment by sucking down on a nicotene sooty in th same room as all of that fur! Makes for a real yummy time... NOT!


Then she does it a second time during the video! I understand the need to have a cigarette now and again, as I like to enjoy a cigar myself occasionally. But to showcase new 'sweet smelling' furs to a prospective client, and then lopping down a sooty over in the corner is in poor taste.


It is also obvious that the video was shot most likely in Europe, and the social moors may preclude the definition of what good taste should be in that situation, but come on now. If she would have lit up in front of me when I am about to plunk down five figures on a sable, I'd be gone in a flash.


Just my opinion, otherwise a good fur video overall.



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I get your point. I quit smoking more than three years ago. I'm not one of those born again anti-smoking zealots. If people want to smoke, it's their right. And, if somebody is smoking near me and I decide I don't like it, I'll politely ask them to smoke some place else. That's it.


But think about this. The woman is supposed to be showcasing her product. (Regardless of whether it's fur or anything else.) Simply put, she's "on the job." Excuse me, but isn't smoking on the job a no-no? A faux pas at the least. Very rude at the most?

She's supposed to be showing people her furs, how she handles furs and how she treats customers. Isn't she?


When I worked in retail sales, it was forbidden to smoke on the sales floor, at all times.

The employer never forbade smoking. They only said that smoking was permitted in the break area only while off duty.


Come on, the video was only how long? A few minutes?

You'd think the woman could wait five minutes to cop a smoke!

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WF on recycling:


Yes I remember several sites who's names I cannot remember. They did, however, inspire me to make my own fur lined jackets with recycled furs into jackets which were both new and recycled themselves.


Every response to my jackets have been positive to ecstatic. No one suspects the furs are recycled and the new jackets make it look as though they are, indeed, new and very expensive custom furs.


I then can have the "You can afford to do this" dialog.


With all the inexpensive used furs of excellent quality out there it is almost sinful to do what I do with anything but recycled furs. Certainly one of the best things I've ever done for myself.



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I understand and agree with your points, worker, but this video seems to be from Russia. What may be accepted behavior in Russia may not be 'accepted' here in the USA and vica versa.



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