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Guilt is relative in this case.


How many cows are slaughtered every day to provide beef for all the people of the world?

How many chickens are beheaded to provide meat?

What about pigs and fish?


Nobody cries for them because they aren't cute and furry like furbearers are.


How many animals die every day because of pollution and deforestation caused by man?

How many MORE animals aren't even BORN because the natural habitat is destroyed to build roads and shopping malls?


I find it to be absolutely hypocritical that people will sit in a Starbucks coffee shop in the middle of a shopping center and pontificate about how poorly man treats the environment and cry about animals being harvested for fur yet, they happily hop into their SUV and drive home to their "McMansions" and sit in front of the home theater to watch cable TV all day!


Coffee is one of the WORST environmental crops in the world! Chinchillas are becoming extinct, not because they are hunted for fur but because their natural habitat is being plowed under to make way for coffee plantations!


For the environmental cost of that $5.00 cup of "Mocha Latte" at Starbucks they could probably have a dozen chinchilla fur coats!


These so-called "animal rights" people are just a bunch of misguided fools!


Of course, I understand that animals have to be killed for fur. I'd be a heartless idiot if I didn't have some feelings about it! But they are no different than the cows, pigs, chickens and other animals that are killed every day for food.

(Furbearers make up a lot less than 1% of the animals humans harvest for all purposes every day!)


If you want to take the Biblical angle, you can remember this:

Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden, partook of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge then became embarrassed that they were naked. God killed a sheep and gave them garments made from the skin of the sheep so that they could cover themselves.


If killing animals to make clothing was wrong, why would God kill a sheep to make sheepskin clothes?

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I come from an older perspective I suppose since to me animals are for ours to control and utilize as we see fit. Having grown up around farms and farmers, seeing animals used in that way is simply part of life.


It is true that this use has gotten out of hand but that is another very long discussion for another post. Be it said however that the fur industry is NOT guilty of these abuses even though as worker has pointed out, the fur industry as a whole is less than one percent of this animal slaughtering business.


I trapped Muskrats as a kid with one of my cousins to make some pocket money. Though skinning them was a bit unpleasant, I never felt any other 'awful' or unusual emotions over this. It was a task to getting movie money. I could see a lot of movies from one pelt.


At the same time I was also much enamored by fur coats and beautiful women in furs from a very early age. I saw many of the classic movies on our movie list in their premiers. Even though I knew where the furs 'came from' there was never any connection between the two for me emotionally.


To this day I still have this same perspective of animal usage and my love of finished furs on beautiful women. I've also grown to love furs for my own use as well. Like leather from cows and pigs.



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Think about how many pigs it takes to make all of the footballs the NFL and NCAA teams use, and all of the cows it takes to make all of the gloves the MLB players use. Animals are animals, I'm a fur lover and I don't hate animals, I love dogs. I don't like cats though they are too lazy .

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Ever seen or even been near a commercial pig farm


The first thing that gets you is the near fainting smell.


About 10% of the pigs are killed from the ammonia gases they produce or drown in it before slaughter and the anti fur folks have the gall to complain about fur farmers?


They are a constant source of major pollution and the neighbors are constantly complaining of the noxious smells. Many move because of them and a number of pig farms are shut down every year for these reasons. This is despite their very powerful situation in the economic food chain.



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