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Fur Teddy Bears

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Everybody should have at least one Teddy Bear to keep them company when they need it. What would be better than a handmade Bear made from real fur?


There are many furriers who make Bears from smaller skins and leftovers that can't be used for coats but, in my experience, many of them seem to be made as an afterthought. Teddy Bear making is an art form completely separate from making fur garments. Being a furrier demands a different skill set from making Bears. It is pretty rare to see the two skills come together in one place. You'll be hard pressed to find a Bear maker who knows how to handle fur.


Here is a link to the website of a Bear maker who specializes in making one-of-a-kind Teddy Bears out of fur.



I think this lady's designs are really cute and she's not just a "Suzie Homemaker" who sells a few Bears on eBay. She's a Teddy Bear artist who specializes in fur. She's one of the few people who know how to handle fur.


I don't know this lady personally but we have communicated on a few Teddy Bear web forums that I visit.

I don't have any interest in promoting her business except for the fact that I love fur, I love Teddy Bears and I especially love FUR Teddy Bears!


If you do find yourself interested in a new furry friend to keep you company, I hope you consider one of Debbie's Bears. It would go a long way in keeping an art form as unique this alive!

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