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OFF in Literotica review

Guest OFF or Old Fur F##t

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Just thought I would let folks know I have hit a wall of inspiration for my stories. Not that I've lost interest in furs by any stretch but the story well is at least temporarily dry.


With that said I thought I would do a kind of review with the thought that an author is his/her worst critic. This is definitely my perspective and I'll start at the top so-to-speak.


"Fur and Mom" and "Fur Mom the Seductress" were written mainly to see how far I could stretch Literotica's rules and knowing Incest/Taboo is the most read category. I think I hit the ceiling and proved the category popularity since those two stories are the most popular of mine with 334,000 and 239,600 reads each for the two stories. They are not my personal favorites nor do they represent my personal fantasies.


If I had to pick my most favorite it would be "Git Laid" and "Erotic Furry tale". These closely followed by "Fur Addiction", "The Aupair", "Grace and the Magic Bed", "The Adjustment Facility" and "The Estate Auction" which I am struggling to continue. It has surprisingly high marks though not that many reads.


"Gerri" is a very personal story over the one that got away. The other boy/girl stories kind of came from this one.


Most of my stories, especially the older ones, have been edited several times, so if you haven't read them lately you might find them slightly improved.


In any case I hope you are all enjoying my efforts and any comments are certainly welcomed. Especially votes and comments in Literotica.


Maybe inspiration will come with colder weather



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I know it's hard to stay inspired to write and create art when it feels like people don't pay attention to your work. I get the same feeling. Some times, I'd rather have people tell me, "You suck!" than to have no feedback at all!


I've been having a "dry spell" as well.

I agree with you. It's hard to "think fur" in the middle of he summer. You just have to be in the right mood to create.


If it's any colsolation, I do check in on Literotica on occasion. I probably go there once or twice a month. I search the word "fur" to see if anybody's added anything. Then I often peruse some of my old favorites. Yours are always at the top of the list.


Next time I check in there I'll be sure to keep you in mind and think up some commentary for you.

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OFF & Worker,

It is nice to hear that the current lull in new fur story offerings might be temporary. I was in Literotica last week and was wondering if you both were too busy to write or had run out of inspiration.

Hopefully cooler weather will inspire you both.


My general opinion on the writings of both authors can be summarized by: (Thank you)




I agree that "Git Laid" is your best fur story to date. In my opinion, it is a classic. Personally, I am less impressed with your stories in the "Incest/Taboo" category, although they are generally well written, than those in other categories. What I really like are the stories that dip into the arena of sci-fi or otherwise explore possibilities most people would probably consider impossible.

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If you are a member of the "Fur Freaks" group you will see another forum on your screen when you log in. When you go to that forum you will see a link on that page that will take you to the stories section.


You might come to another log in screen where you need to type your username and password before you can get to the story index.


These things were done for two reasons:

  1. This content is for members only. It's a benefit of joining up.
  2. We want to keep under aged people from reading adult material.

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Oh!... Duh!

I should'a thought of that in the first place!


O.F.F.'s stories at Literotica.com:



There are a few other members who have stories posted at Literotica.com too:






These are some of mine:



I'm sorry if there are other members who have stories at Literotica but I haven't mentioned.

I can't remember them all.


Just a footnote.

If you don't already know, Literotica is a voting site. At the end of each story, you click on the stars at the bottom of the page to give each one a rating. Higher rated stories appear in better positions on the searches and popularity lists. New stories that get top honors are eligible for prizes.

So, if you read a story at Literotica.com and you like it, be sure to vote!

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  • 2 months later...

Just an update


I continue to get the occasional favorable email comment from the readers of my stories. I truly appreciate any comment.


There have been over 1,830,000 reads of all my stories. Never would I have thought so many folks would read them, let-alone like them. For this I am truly appreciative.


Working my way out of my slump as my psoriasis goes into remission. I'm feeling a lot better and back to enjoying my furs as well.



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Nearly 2,000,000 reads? Wow!!! " title="Applause" /> " title="Applause" /> " title="Applause" /> I hope Literotica gives out some form of recognition - that's very impressive! Thanks for all your stories - Off, Worker and all the others who've contributed fur stories!



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