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Tibet Lamb Cushion/Pillow


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they made the effort to complete a few posts first...before leaping for the spam post... " title="Applause" /> effort well done..!


ha ha






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There is a VERY limited policy here for advertising items related specifically to furs.


Looks related to me but you must contact teh site owner, White Fox for any further actions.



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Folks... Re this thread.


First off, this is a new member, who as mentioned has posted in a number of threads.

We generally allow a bit less than one message per month from people to post "On topic" messages about their fur sites, etc. Thus, we have allowed this. You may have noticed the message just posted by Mr Mockle for instance. We allowed that for the same reason. We consider such messages to be like public announcements.


We would not of course allow further messages from this member to publicize his web site. Limited messages would though be allowed in the Ebay thread, but only limited ones. We would though certainly allow on topic messages about other things as the member has already posted. As mentioned this is a new member. We try to welcome new members who seem legit here rather than discourage them. It can of course be hard to know who is who by times. On one page of their web site for instance is a photo showing a large number of hides being processed. Educational for folks here to see how such is done. Thus, this message was allowed.


Thanks for the warning. Just thought as I read this that I should qualify. This is just the sort of time when misunderstandings can come up so we like to try to keep you informed.



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The poster is participating in other discussions. This is what's important to me.


If "endersun" is in the fur business in some way, it would be good to have him (her?) aboard as an expert on the subject.




What do you think about Mongolian wool?

I kind of like the look of it as an accent. A pillow or a throw would be nice to have on a sofa as a contrast against other fur.


The pink and green colors aren't my cup of tea but, the last time I checked, we were still in a free country.

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