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Visited the Video Links section of the Den tonight for the first time in a long time. It has GROWN. If you have not visited the area in a while, I encourage you to do so. You may be pleasantly surprised as well!

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Even with being the chief administrator of this place, I still find it interesting all of the little hidden corners. There are endless little corners here and there it seems in wiki. The Expert's Corner area for instance. Or some of the material saved from the old Dens on other sites. Then, just have a look at Brandy's posts each weekend to see an indication of the fantastic quality of our Gallery. As you mention here, videos there are expanding gradually. And, way over a thousand links in our links area all checked now and then for updates, and dead links removed, etc. And lastly, the Archive with posts from days gone by.


Only disadvantage of this indeed is the amount of room it takes. We are in fact almost out of room, but plans are already afoot to expand our little site so we can grow.


JG you mentioned videos. The one problem on the net of course is that there are no video standards. They are "all over the place" as people say. But, if you have Quick Time most folks should be able to see them.


The Den is indeed a fascinating place.



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