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My movies :)


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For fur lovers, those movies are just wonderful!

For other people who are not fur lovers, I think you are right. Maybe they are a little slow.


Regardless. I like the first video where you show how the fur moves when you touch it.


As a film critic I suggest two things:


1) Better lighting. Your furs are so wonderful! They need good light to show off their beauty.

Try shooting by outdoor light. (Outside or by window.)

Video cameras make better pictures with natural light. It is also less expensive than buying lights.


2) Try shooting shorter segments then putting several of them together to make a longer movie.

Try this... Shoot a few longer shots that show a person wearing the fur. Then move closer to show the person stroking the fur. At the end, move even closer to show the hands moving through the fur.


Your videos are good. If you want to make more I hope you would like to try these things.


Keep up the good work!

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Well done.... more people like you are needed in the world. I loved watching the videos, I like the whole honesty of them, you don't act or pretend or do anything 'over' the needed simple basics... the fur is soft and devine and we can see that..


amazing and bold..


keep up the good work..






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Yes! " title="Applause" /> The lighting is MUCH BETTER!

Everything looks more natural instead of artificial yellow.


The ending is much better.

Even without words it tells a story. "See my beautiful fur coat! Look how soft the fur is! Don't you want to touch it too?"

These are things that make movies interesting even if you are not a fur lover.


This movie shows much improvement.

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Brandy – thank you very much for your favorable opinion!!!


Worker – I’m delighted with your positive review about my last movie


A few persons ask me if my wife knew that I used her furs in my movies or even seen my “production”. No, my wife doesn’t know about it. She understand my fetish, accepts furs in our bedroom, she also thinks that furs are the most feminine part of clothing and are very erotic things. In the contrary sometimes I still needed some alone-time with the furs to be able to really indulge - because you really need to fully feel the furs and that can make even an understanding partner worry. So my movies are shoot during this short moments


Best regards


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During preparation to my new movie project about my wife’s furs, I made two small movies about yesterday occurrence – sorry for bad quality, but I had only my mobile phone’s camera, and not enough time to create more interesting screenplay


A few days ago I bought another fur for my wife on web auction, nice pre-owned blue fox jacket (similar to jacket which I used in my first movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oM0Kp1Z0C7U but without “zigzag” on sleeves and edge) – this was good bargain, so I didn’t think long about this purchase!


Yesterday I received mail. Because my wife wasn’t home, I had opportunity to examine this fur. Most of you very good know that furs condition and appearance on web auctions photos and descriptions, not always corresponding with its real state. So after every this type transaction I tray precisely check condition, quality, smell, etc.:



Fortunately this fur is in sufficient condition, without any damages, and is very soft, fluffy. So I can’t refrain from try on it

For me is too small (but who cares important thing is for my wife will be fits like a glove



Best regards


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Just because the source video is bad, it does not mean the movie you end up with be bad. Yes, better video to start with makes it easy to create a good movie but creativity can overcome adversity.


It is not my intent to steal your thread but let me tell you a story:

My uncle is a photographer. He recently bought a video camera and wanted to learn how to use it. He phoned me up and asked for help.

I went to his place and we shot some video. Most of it was completely unusable. Out of focus, jittery and just plain terrible. There were a few minutes of footage that were merely bad.


We took it into the house an looked at it on his computer screen. He said, "This is bad! We can't use it!" I asked him to let me copy the video and take it home. He thought, "What's the use?" I said, "Let me play with it. I might be able to do something with it."


I went home, looked at the video again and thought for a few hours. I finally came up with an idea. If I have bad video, why not make a bad movie? So, I hunted around for some music and spliced the video together. The finished product wasn't great but it was fun to make and people thought the movie was funny.


So here is the movie I made: A Crappy Movie by Worker 11811


The moral of the story is: If you have enough creativity, it might not matter how poor the source is.


The video you took from your phone camera gives me an idea.

It reminds me of a police security camera.


What if you pretended you were an under cover police officer making an illegal fur bust?


What if you were a Customs Officer inspecting packages for contraband?

("Excuse me but I have to inspect this fur.")


There is a lot that can be done if you just think about it the right way.

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as I wrote previously – I try to use all your advices. I discovered that main trouble for now is that I haven’t any good idea to make interesting screenplay which also could be shot in limited predispositions (limited time: when I am alone in home, limited area: indoor, limited light condition: mainly evening, etc.)…


Although this circumstances I made next movie…


I warmly welcome all of you to watching it. This is small reportage about evening when I was alone in home, I had a lot of work but also opportunity to have fun with my wife’s fox jacket



Best regards


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I must say, this is the best fur slideshow yet. The close-cropped shots of your hands caressing the fur interspersed with the posed images are really interesting. Bravo!



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I like your last video.


The narrow camera angle on the outdoor patio is interesting.

I love the way the fur movies as it lands on the bed!


What is the music?

It reminds me of the 1960's.


Only one criticism: Does your camera have a way to lock the focus?

You can see the automatic focus move.


Overall, this is your best!

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hey. very nice lol but you'd better to upload such a video on xtube or another adult video site as this will be shortly tagged as inappropriate and even your account could be suspended.

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