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Gallery WAS down

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You will notice that our Gallery is down at the moment. It may indeed be down for a good while yet. The problem comes from a simple update that we did to the program. AKcoyote our tech guy has been working on it but I told him to take some time. Life is too short to work at a computer desk for days at a time.


Hopefully the Gallery will be back before too long, but at the moment we do not know when that will be.


Thanks all


White Fox


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Please note that this is a software problem resulting in a should-not-occur condition.


The image and video files are intact and unaffected by the problem.



I apologize for the inconvenience, and I will get the Gallery back up as soon as I can within the time restraints of my other duties.

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Horray!!! Back on the go! I understand that there are still a few problems with individual galleries but this should clear shortly.


You will notice that things look a good deal different when you enter the Gallery. Instead of clicking to see a coupling forum, you now go directly to the Gallery.


***It is important to note that now members can change passwords at any time. Before, if a password was changed, it meant waiting til the next monthly update or similar. However, now, a member can change passwords at any time without causing problems.


So, away we go!


White Fox


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