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The idea sounds good on the surface but when you think about it for a while, there could be a problem.


Just as King John signing the Magna Carta put limits on the King's powers which eventually led to removal of virtually all of the King's power, this initiative could put limits on the fur industry which could eventually lead to its downfall as well.


The second the King conceded that the Barons (and other freemen of social standing) could have equal footing under the law, it opened the door for the Barons to overpower the King.


The second the fur industry concedes that the anti-fur lobby has a credible argument, it allows them to make another crazy argument and another and another until they have boxed the fur industry in to such an extent that the industry can not survive.


Had King John simply stopped exercising broad, arbitrary power and taken some advice from his advisers and some of the nobles he would never have been in a position where he could be coerced into signing away his power.


If people in the fur industry simply take it upon themselves to clean up their own act and quietly set their own standards for fur farms, below which they will not do business with, they will never have to deal with the anti-fur lobby in the first place.


The key thing in this whole campaign is that the powers-that-be in the fur industry need to make it clear that they and ONLY THEY are setting the tone for this dialog such that it can be kept between them and the fur-buying public without recognizing that the anti-fur whackos have a credible argument.


For, once you acknowledge the devil's presence, you give him power over you.

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