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A pleasant Sunrise

Mr Barguzin

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I've just come in from sitting on the balcony, watching the sun rise and listening to the morning chorus whilst the waves slowly glided onto the shore. Well, the sun hasn't really risen, but the light of dawn is quite bright.


So what has this to do with fur?


Not much other than I was wrapped up nice and snuggly in a fox fur coat to ward off the chilly breeze that was winding its way about the scene.


It struck me that this wasn't a bad way at all to welcome in the new day and could become a form of habit... and not a bad one either. In the past, have sat outside on the balcony before midnight (maybe a bit longer if I dozed off) but rarely do Isee the sunrise.


So, I spent quite a pleasant 45 mins securely wrapped in my coat and since I am lazy, am still wearing it *sly grin*. It's moments like this the southern hemisphere isn't a bad place toreside *grin*


Does anyone else do a similar thing, or have a little indulgence that they can divulge here?

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I do, pretty much, the same thing.


<< I do it HERE >>

On the shore of Lake Erie.

This is a real photo, not digital. (I had the negative digitized.)


It is a special place for me. Quite the Existential "Thinking Place".


Sorry... No fur for me... YET. Some day.

I might be able to ask one of my furry friends to come along, though.


Come to think of it, maybe I WILL ask one of them!

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Even us folks in Florida do that on those mornings when there's a chill in the air!


I've come to treasure those cool nights, when the temperature drops to a chill 40F. Keep a couple of windows opened just enough to let some fresh air in, and snuggle up in furs!!!



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I think the next time us Brits start gobbing off, you guys only need to post a couple of pics like that last scene & we'll soon shut up, imprisoned in our huge sprawing concrete jungles.......


Lucky B'stards

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Sounds wonderful! Oh, to have a beach nearby! But lacking that, many chilly nights my wife and I will go out on the deck wearing furs and sheepskin boots and just lie back and watch the stars.

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I am fortunate to own a home on a hill overlooking a lake. I'm in the habit of starting my day by going out on my porch in my fox collared mink to greet the new day. In the warmer weather,I'll sit outside for breakfast snuggled in my fur. What a way to start the day.

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...imprisoned in our huge sprawing concrete jungles.......


It's all about how you look at things, friend! >> CLICK HERE <<

Sometimes you LITERALLY have to get down on your hands and knees to see things differently. Sometimes, when you do, it pays off!


It takes work to see things differently, in a way you never did before. >> CLICK HERE <<

An old hunk of broken glass is just trash until you shine some light on the subject.


You might not have that beautiful sunset over water but, if you look hard enough, I bet you can find SOMETHING!


C'Mon! Show us what you got! 8)

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I quite often go to sleep in my furs, and, much to the delight of a friend of mine who likes to tease me about my fur collection, I sometimes wake up and shuffle around in the morning wearing nothing more than one of my coats and a sleepy look.


A few times I've even went as far as to make a quick run down the hall stairs to grab the mail, and an equally quick dash back up before I get *caught* by another tenant of the apartment building I live in, and a few times I've been caught red faced.


I don't have much standing water nearby (unless you count the swamps down the way from me), but there is something invigorating about fending off the cold in a favored fur on our cold Wisconsin days, and I've gone so far as to recline on the balcony when a mood strikes me and watch the sun set myself.


Very fun.



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