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White Fox

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Just to mention again that we have a spot where you can put great links you come across to go on our links page or information to go in the Library. Great magazine write ups. Newspaper items. Utube. Educational links. Movies.


Right at the bottom of the index page you will see the "Library Storage Forum". Anything that you see from history of furs to how to clean them to what ever. We realize that some people do not like to post in Wiki, so you can place the link in that forum, and someone will come along later and post it in the Library.


Just a reminder. Realize that in summer people just do not think quite as much about furs. However, there are so many great links out there that we do not have yet. Happy Hunting! And hope you have a great summer!



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That's right C/F


I keep forgetting you guys who are on the other side of that Equator line. Sorry about that! You know I keep thinking I should go to see that line, and see what they drew it with so the rain doesn't wash it away!


Good luck and may your winter be a very cold one!!!



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