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White Fox

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We could use a little help in one area here. There is one disadvantage to this. You are FORCED to look at really super photos of large numbers of women dressed in fur coats!! I know that is difficult for everyone here, but...


We would like another helper in our links area. Yes, there is a bit of wiki involved, but you will learn everything in maybe 30 minutes? I can teach you to do it. It is extremely easy!!! You don't need to be a big poster here to help with this either. If you normally just lurk in the background, that is no problem. We do need someone who will not quit in the middle though. We need someone who will work with us.


All it involves is this. You simply go through the links and click on them. See if they are still there. See if the rating should be changed. If changes are needed, you click the text or rating and change it. And on to the next. We try to do this twice a year and it is time once again to go at it. You don't need to be involved in placing new links there if you don't want to, so when you are finished, you are finished til the next 6 month period begins.


So, if someone would like to help us out, we could really use the help. JGalanos, FrBrGr, and I do this project. With well over a thousand links to do, that is a lot of work. If we share that load a bit it will really help us out.



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I'll be more than happy to help:) the burden of looking though all those fur clad women. Sigh.. How will I ever manage.. I can work on it at night when I get home. just send me any info..


Scotty fur

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No problem, I might not be around tonight either. Just send me a message whenever and I will help you guys out. Great work and thank you for this site..

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