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Just got a used full length beaver coat!


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Its Super heavy and warm!!! I couldn't resist trying it on although its 75 degrees out... searched the local for sales on the net and found a full length beaver coat for get this $100!! It actually fits me pretty good considering... I would wear it.. you can't even really tell its a woman's coat... when I was heading out the door with the coat the lady (who was extremely gorgeous) said wait a minute... here you can have this for free to keep your ears warm.. as she gave me what looks like a brand new black fox headband... double score.. so this year for $300 Ive got a crystal fox coat and headband AND a beaver cpat and headband... cant complain about that!!! She told me oh I dont wear it anymore, but its super warm.. I used to wear it to work and to the hockey rinks when my son played outside....

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Out of all the different kinds of furs, beaver has to be my favorite "snuggle up and keep warm" fur!

Yeah, it may be heavy but it is one of the warmest there is.

My wife's coat is f/l beaver with fox trim. When they cut the length for her they made some of the trimmings into a nice headband.

I think its great. My wife loves it to keep warm with.


Glad you got a good score! You paid about a quarter of the price we paid for ours and you got two coats out of the deal.

I'm just a little jealous!

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Sheared Phantom Beaver was my first bought fur in college. Bought it in 1960 and it's still servicable.


It is now serving as my computer keyboard pad (See Gallery).


Have gotten several others and are linings in several jackets.


A bleached blond coat I use as a house coat. Fur in of course.



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