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Just what is it.....

Mr Barguzin

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.....about fur that gets you all het up?


Is it the fur itself? The person wearing it? The unattainability of fur? Just what is it that makes fur such an enticing element in your life? Do you wear it or just ogle it and any wearer?


Is there one specific feature that always comes first to mind?


And ladies, this does not exclude your viewpoint either. I am an equal opportunity inquisator *grin*


I wonder if it is at all possible to gather enough information and thoughts amongst ourselves to come up with a definitive reason for or affection for fur?

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As I have never actually posted on this forum before (albeit watching it daily), I feel some kind of special honor to post the first reply on this topic.


For me personally, a fur coat, may it be as beautiful as can be, has absolutely no meaning, if there is no one wearing it. The person who's sporting the coat or jacket or vest or whatever makes the fur come alive. I love the touch of it and the look of it, but the ones hanging in my drawer never see the light if there is noone around to wear it. Only feeling a person through the thick and soft hair and touching someone through the fur, feeling the warmth of a body underneath the beautiful fabric and seeing the outline of a woman in the plush material is what makes me excited about a coat.

Unfortunately, my ex-girlfriend didn't really get it, as do so many others obviously. At least that's what I've read ever so often here. She thought, I'd like the fur much more than her, when all it did was to make her even more beautiful and tempting for me.


I connect fur with femininity a lot and with luxury and opulence. But it's only feminine if worn by a female. And so, I never thought about wearing it myself. I can understand those who do and maybe I will try out one of these days, but for now, it's not an option for me.

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Welcome aboard, womo.


For me, there isn't just one thing that gets me excited about fur. I like the feel of it, I like wearing it, I like having it near me when I make love, the list could conceivably go on (and on and on).


When I end up seeing other girls wearing fur I'm usually quick to compliment them on wearing it. I don't think I need go too further into detail whether I find said women to be desirable. Maybe some other time.


I like seeing men wear fur too, although the only brave boys I've seen lately seem to be wearing fur to make a statement of how cool/rich/great they are rather than because they like it. Add gold teeth and lots of gold medallions to the mix, and you've got an idea of the male fur wearing populace of my area.


Really there are no specific details that stand out for me. I just like fur.

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To me its several fold.

There is something that arouses primal instict in me when the woman is wearing it. I like all from the 40s to the 80s to the current ethnic furs.

fauxs were okay when the very nice qualty 80s ones were around especially in nice colours (the faux sheared ones...but only real quality).The nice black faux classic sheareds types in the 90s were good too...I called them the perfume counter girls coats. The current fauxs are utter crap.

But I become like an animal in bed when I have the real thing. BUT the lady wearing it must be saying something...for example:

1 I am a very expensive exotic creature (sophistication)(MissT?)

2.I am elegant and have class (Linda? Tippi Hedren in the Birds?Joan Severance?)

3. I am a wild child (ethnic, fashionista,rock chick)(maybe Tryxie?Kate Moss?)

4. I know this turns you on and it does me too.(Lana Cox)

5. I am able to dominate you with my image and you are not worthy (MissT? Joan Collins in The Bitch/Dynasty?)


Some a combination of all like Kate Beckinsale


So rabbit doesnt do it for me. S/c girls dont do it for me. Pearls and tweed suits do more than nudity with a mink for example. Jeans and boots, leather pants or leather dress with fox.


Its the same with a girl who smokes. Kate Beckinsale can do it, Kate Moss cant. One looks classy and sophisticated, the other dirty.

Same with basque and suspenders. Miss T can do it, the Moulin Rouge vid girls can do it; Nicole Kidman cant.


So its a total look thing for me. Leather gloves are the icing on the cake with furs for example....and the way they can be used as a prop to entice.


But the fur on its own, while I can appreciate the beauty of the workmanship, sensuality etc....it does nothing without the right woman in it. And the more the total look is styled, the better. Even down to movement. Has to be cat like....as tryxie said once...up on her hocks, coat swinging. Its a display thing may be. It also denotes "ownership" of something gorgeous....the arm candy thing I guess....yes that gives me a buzz(though not sexual).



I mean who wouldnt want to walk into a room with some gorgeous woman decked out in a real full fox? It says "yeah look and weep guys, cos I'm going home with it....and you ladies...get a guy who knows how to look after you" Is that sexist? Cant help it....being honest here.


Both I and Blackfox took turns with Claire walking arm in arm around Cheltenham and we had guys and girls in awe. Beats the hell out of flash cars. She loved it to and played up to the image.


Okay that may be immature; buy it aint half fun!!!

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I totally agree with touchofsable in respect to the looks of a woman. Boots, stockings, skirts, a nice sweater (I'm on the wool side too) nice nails, jewellery and all that really kick the excitement even further. As I said before, it's the femininity that drives me and the aforementioned things are all part of that.

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I have to agree with just about everything written above.


But one thing about fur that impressed me the most is its seemingly magical power to make people's clothes fall off!


The first time I noticed this effect, it actually scared me!


I stayed away from the pleasures of fur for a long time because of this. It was truly freightening to me. I don't know why but it was.


Now, I enjoy letting my wife make me do "flip-flops" in bed!

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As i have said before fox stoles do it for me; or a white fox coat (Irene Dunne in The Awful Truth). I not know why i like fox fur stoles; i just do.

I like fur to be plain, in your face; this stole is made from fox skins as it came off of the foxes. The beautiful lady stands there dressed up to the nines with a huge fox stole draped over her shoulders; oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!! I think shearing fur is sacriligious. And i can't stand all this weird designer stuff.

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I've taken time to think. I'm going to modify my rather impulsive opinion above.


I need the stimulation.


I don't know how to explain, really. It's like my brain is wired to run at 100 M.P.H. like a race car. If I have to drive my "race car brain" on city highways at 30 M.P.H. it doesn't run right.


It's not JUST about the sexy, sensuous nature of fur.


It's like a way to keep my mind stimulated enough to operate the way I want.

A way to keep my foot on the accelerator while I'm waiting at the stop light.


I used to be afraid of my condition. In fact, I didn't even know what it was until very recently. Now, I'm starting to get the hang of it.


I can wake up in the morning and get some fur. Then I can focus my mind enough to get through at least part of my day that I couldn't before.

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