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Michael Jackson and Madonna


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Michael was of course a strange character. No matter what you think of his "later life", or his music type one can't possibly deny his contribution to the music world.


It almost seemed although he wanted to create a "False Front" for himself of spectacular appearance. Then, suddenly he began to believe in that false front himself.


We often look at people and think how we wish that we had their money. But when we look at their life we suddenly realize how lonely and unhappy that they really are.



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I took a break from my media vacation (studying for big professional exams!) for this...but all I can say is:


RIP dead people.


LIP alive people.



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I like(d) Michael Jackson. He was a good singer. A wonderful dancer and an excellent composer. He made many songs I liked.

Yes, as much as people won't admit it, he was one of the great performers of our time.


However... All the hoopla pissed me off. The continued hoopla after his death still pissed me off.

He may have been great but he was not a god. All the people who act that way need to get a life!


Sure, I liked Michael Jackson but every time I hear another story about him in the news I think, "Dammitt!! Not HIM again!"


I think the reason why I don't care about Michael Jackson any more is because all the fussing has spoiled it for me.

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