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Looks like a nice update though did not have time to look through it all. I will later though of course.


So tell us... Are Black Willo and Black Willow the same guy?



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Yes to the BlackWillo and BlackWillow. Obviously old age is setting in. Should be BlackWillow mink and BlackWillo's web site.


Thank you for your compliment and visiting BLACKWILLO'S site.


P.S. You don't miss anything White Fox.

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White Fox....as I was travelling this weekend, I was giving some thought to your question as to whether BlackWillow and BlackWillo are the same person.

No, I am not the creator of BlackWillow mink. Just an admirer. Last year I almost got my wife to buy a beautiful BlackWillow mink stroller. I wasn't successful but I'll keep on trying.


Quote from BlackWillow Mink: "The embodiment of sedution and luxury,where the play of light that moves across it is ever changing."



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