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Malon question

Guest OFF or Old Fur F##t

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you can leatherise the other side of the mink pelts or suede them, we did it in the past, but it is a really difficult and time consuming procedure to make a coat this way and the cost will be unnecessary high for a jacket like this...

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I see that the Mink jacket on eBay is a skin-on-skin design that I made reference to.


I would suppose that would be much easier and less expensive to make a reversible this way?


That is if you are starting with fresh pelts I suppose.



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a reversible coat like this is much more difficult.

You see, matching the pelts correctly is art. The pelts need to have the exactly same character, same length on the hair, same color, same clarity, density, of same quality and the list goes on.

Now imagine, having to match the pelts not only on the fur side, but on the skin side as well !!

It has nothing to do with freshness, its common for the skins side of the pelts to have small "wears", or "signs" from the skinning at he farm or the tannery. For this job the skin has to be super clean on the leather side.


We did one project like that before, we chose from thousands of pelts to match pelts for one single coat... It was one of the most difficult projects we ever did.


And since you made reference to economic issues, a coat when made, all you have to do on the inside is simply line it. The cost for the work and the lining is really not that much (compared to the value of the whole coat)...


Hope that covers it

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