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Someone is in trouble today... lol!

White Fox

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Say, I can see it right now.


Someone is in trouble today.




"Dear those old paintings are so depressing! Go down to Walmart. You can get new ones for $10. Throw those out in the trash on the way by or drop them off at GoodWill."

"No, Hun, I kind of like those. Just something about them...."

"Darling get rid of those before I scream!"

So Hubby or Wifey head down to Goodwill and drop the paintings in the drop off box. Pick up some nice ones to replace them for $10. (For those of you who don't know, Goodwill is a collection for under privileged families, etc.)


Today they just published the photo of those paintings. So someone right now is crying real big crocodile tears. REAL big ones!


If both Hubby and Wifey did not want to get rid of those paintings, then one of them is in huge trouble today. Probably will be sleeping on the couch for a few nights!


We can only guess what is taking place right now...


God, would I ever love to hear the conversation in that house tonight!



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