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Peta gets it in TO - I love it.

White Fox

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A number of years back PETA groups decided to take over the TO (Toronto) animal shelter work (as well as many other cities in Canada) as animals were being put down instead of finding homes for them. You know the deal. Who knows how many have been since?


However, it has just been announced that they are now being investigated for animal cruelty for not putting very sick and unhealthy animals "Out of their misery".


Yes, we need to find homes for as many animals as we possibly can - but we need to do it without involving political groups. And PETA and it's sub groups is just that... Politics only! These folks can get so far out of hand. A recent member of that group recently told me how they would never let a husky go to a home where it would be let outside, because huskies are indoor dogs only. That is how unthinking that these people can indeed be.




Added later... http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/article/643697

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Thanks for that White fox..


is there any more on the story..it seems the press did a very short write up..?

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So far I have not seen any more on this. I think that probably the society is keeping a rather low profile making the investigation to make sure they have their facts straight, have not been led astray, etc.


There is some really neat stuff in this. However, if the humane society takes just one wrong step, everyone would be onto them immediately on how cruel they are, etc. I expect this investigation might be relatively long and silent. Time will tell.

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