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DVD's really.


Watched (most of) "Cocktail" last night. Bought it awhile back against my better judgment.


Though it does have some super fine furs and scenes with fur, the fact that I can't stand Tom Cruise kind of takes all the fun out of it all.


"Billion Dollar Brain" was its enjoyable vintage thing though the fur scenes are rather scattered about.


Regular watching of "Alice" and "The World of Henry Orient". Love both and watch them often.


A new one (old really) to add to the movies with fur list. One of the most revered, obtuse and obscure of all the spaghetti westerns: "El Topo". Took me forever to get a copy. For awhile it could only be rented as a VCR from Japan with a $1400 deposit!! Talk about cult classic.


The fur scenes are again scattered and of not great fur interest but oh what an incredible film ... in a crude and amateurish Mexican sort of way. Zen gun fighter makes it to the top ... or does he really?


It's really worth getting and watching folks if you like that genre .. fur or not. It's sub titles thank god.



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A short while back, we were talking about James Bond movies and how "Thunderball" has famous fur scene in it.

I also thought back to "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" and how Diana Rigg wore some fur in that movie too.


I kind of thought it would be cool to make a James Bond fur retrospective.

You know... List the furs in all the Bond movies and possibly get frame grabs of the best ones.


It would take a bit of work but it might be worth it.

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Being a huge fan of Peter Sellers 'Pink Panther' movies, the fur scene in 'Revenge of the Pink Panther' is one of my all time favorites.



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I also thought back to "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" and how Diana Rigg wore some fur in that movie too.


Red fox and she was stunning. When I grow up I'm going to marry her!


A really good Bond film let down by the Aussie playing the lead (George Lazenby). Not that he was bad as such, he just wasn't Sean and so nobody remembers this movie.


There's a photo around somewhere of this I'll see if I can... There it is:




Edit by AK: modified link so it is not specifying a position in an album which can change.

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Watching Robin Hood (1938) on Turner Movie Channel yesterday I saw some very nice fur I hadn't noticed (remembered?) before.


Lady Marion's Suite was graced with many animal hide scatter rugs and a real white fur bed spread and it wasn't rabbit.


She also wore a luscious Mink trimmed dress in another scene.


No guy fur in this old classic.


All this in redone glorious Technicolor.



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Not that he was bad as such, he just wasn't Sean and so nobody remembers this movie.

Funny story:


Sean Connery was slated to do Bond in I.H.M.S.S. but backed out at the last minute. It was Sean Connery who advised George Lazenby to make at least two movies but, as the story goes, Lazenby got cocky. Upon completion of I.H.M.S.S. he took a long vacation to go sailing in the Bahamas (or some place like that... I forget the details) and he started playing "hard to get", acting like a big shot. His attitude was, "I'm so great that they'll come to me."


Well, Albert Broccoli would have none of that B.S. Lazenby had been difficult to work with on the set of I.H.M.S.S., having strained relationships with Diana Rigg, Peter Hunt (the director) and Broccoli, himself. Lazenby was axed. It wasn't too long before Connery was back in the title role. The rest is history. George Lazenby never got a title role in a major motion picture after that. He was booked to star in a Bruce Lee film but that was canceled when Lee suffered an untimely death.


Many people believe George Lazenby's Bond was the best of the lot if it hadn't been for his attitude. I think Lazenby COULD HAVE BEEN a great James Bond. He could have been as good as, or possibly even better than Connery. But, alas, we'll never know because Lazenby got too full of himself and killed his own golden goose.


Diana Rigg, on the other hand, had a good movie career considering that she was a woman working in the atmosphere of sexism that prevailed in the late 1960's and 1970's.


Most people think of George Lazenby as a footnote in James Bond history, just as you do, Cunning Fox. It's precisely as you say: Nobody remembers him.

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Aw, shucks...



I guess it kind of goes with the territory when you're a cinema projectionist.

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Thanks for the history lesson Worker.


This is not just any old fetish site, it also doubles as an educational emporium.


O.H.M.S.S is my favorite Bond film of all time, not just for Diana Rigg (sigh! shortness of breath..... might have to sit down) but a really good old fashion love story a.k.a Romeo & Juliet.


Although, imagining myself as Bond cuddling Diana in her red fox in the barn brings me to cold sweats every time!

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I think it's the best, too. This movie is where we learn WHY Bond behaves as he does: Blofeld killed his wife.


First, the vendetta between Bond and Blofeld is set. He killed Bond's wife. Bond is out to get him.

Second, when Tracy dies, Bond knows, "There can never be another." ( And with Diana Rigg in that fur coat, who can blame him! )

Finally, Bond learns that, in his line of work, having a wife is his greatest vulnerability. His enemies can get to him through her. Unfortunately, he had to learn the hard way.


So, here we see:

The genesis Bond's drive and determination to get the job done, no matter how difficult. He wants revenge against Blofeld.

The reason Bond is a womanizer. He sublimates his grief for his slain wife. He knows he can never have another. So, he replaces quality with quantity.

The reason why Bond seems to have a cold heart. He has suffered at the hands of his enemy. Nothing can hurt him after that.


And, I like to add... Maybe Bond has a secret fur fetish.

I've been thinking of renting all the bond movies and counting up the fur to see if I can prove that point.

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