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Hollywood Glamour Fur - Brandy


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Hi all... just wanted to allow you guys to know about my latest update and chat in my furry playroom...


So why don't you pop over and see my full chat and gallery choices from the fur den...


just click below...






In the 1950's in Hollywood there was a very famous Laundrette that serviced the fashion and movie industry..it was called 'The Hollywood Laundry.' It was said that the staff were just as glamorous as the stars...possibly because they kept back a few of the high fashion items for themselves...could you imagine if one of the laundry staff were caught wearing the underwear of Betty page... this would be her daily glamorous uniform in the 'Hollywood Laundry..!'

XXX Brandy XXX


This update is one of my most favourite and most glamourful costumed work yet...it is a period dyed rabbit..not in too great shape but still photographs well with such a high glmaour look..







So come on over to my furry playroom and lets chat more about this look and period fur stuff...


remember I am always here.. even during the quiet summer months.. and alwasy eager to chat..






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