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Mr Barguzin

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So, I am sitting here at 4.34 AM on a Sunday morning, having a belated coffee and wondering to myself "Why is it so?"


The "it" could be any number of things at the present moment, but since this is the main forum, I shall stick to fur and the question, the "it", then becomes "why is it that when I first got into fur it was silver fox that caught my eye?"


The reason for this thought is quite simple. In my net wanderings last night I came across a site I had not seen for yonks; Volpe's Silver Fox site. The addy is http://www.volpe.nu. Just cut and paste the preceding into your address bar.


As the name suggests, it is just pics of women in silver fox. Some of the women are not (to my eye) appealing, but the furs stir old memories and desires. Could explain why I am wearing my silver fox whilst I type this .


But it does remind me that the first type of fur I was interested in was Silver Fox. Now, that could be put down to my first encounter (I've regaled that elsewhere) but simply it was with a women who I later learnt was famous for wearing silver fox furs. Since I was 3 or 4 at the time, I can't recall whether she was so dressed during my encounter, but have a feeling that she was.... or else, why the later attraction to silver fox in particular and fox in general.


Looking at those pics though, I sorta know why the attraction: no coat is exactly alike, because no pelt or selection of pelts is 100% equal in colouration; the variation that you get in the range of colourings, from almost white to almost black, and then there is the softness/density of the hairs. Or is it the length of the guardhairs? and why is it that now I am more into blue fox than silver?


The first two coats I tried on in my life at a furrier's were silver and then blue fox. The third was blue fox and it left the other two in the shade when it came to softness and..........seductiveness. Oh and none of them were as long as my blue fox, but finished about the knee. So from that moment on it was blue fox for me. And despite the Canadian blue fox I now own, SAGA remains the goal.


And yes, a silver fox still features, but is not a necessary purchase/dream. And I still haven't answered the question.... "Why is it SO??"

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Mr B.....ponderings can be good for the soul....why that fur?.......why fur at all?....


On fox....I love Silver. Yes its more course, blue is very fine, red somewhere between the 2, platinum a little like silver..etc..etc


Ahh, silver, it reeks of style, just like a full length black mink......


And when I snuggle under my silver fox bedspread.....life is wonderful...



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I agree silver fox is da bomb.


My first fur was a custom made silver fox coat. Experts often recommend starting with something a little less noticeable like ranch or mahogany mink or beaver ... But I really, really wanted an ankle length silver fox coat and in hindsight I don't regret taking da plunge.

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