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Is it just me, or has shearling lost much of its appeal in the past few years as the industry has sought to lighten them to the point many of them don't even strike me as a luxury garment any more? I love the heavier shearlings of the 70's and 80's with their rich, luxurious pelts. I tried on several shearlings in Minneapolis this winter (Christ and other makes) and they just really did not do much for me. When I'm wearing a luxury fur garment, I like a certain "heft" and "swagger" to it (right up until the time I take it off in a store and have to carry it!).



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The marketplace has wanted lighter-and-lighter furs.


A lady wore a wonderful shearling into my shop which could be washed, but without a label I never was able to find the European manufacturer. It was stunning.


I do agree with you JG, a shearling in today's world is not a "fur" as it used to be.

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