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Mr Mockle and photoshoots

White Fox

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With Mr Mockle's recent posts here, I thought that it might be an idea to remind people that he has information on what he went through to begin doing that in our Library. A kind of "Beginninng the Process Tutorial" if you will. If anyone has not read it I highly recommend it. It is very interesting.


In our Library look at the "Photography and Photos" area under "Information on Photoshoots" to see his write-up. If you would like to add comments or other even more detailed information, either under the "Additional Information" area, or send it to one of our staff members directly. You can send to me if you wish. We do not allow direct editing of Mr Mockle's work, as he wrote it with his name on it and if we allow direct changes, we would be telling people that he wrote things that someone else wrote.


Once again, I think that you would love to read the information there...



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