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I read a Joanna Lumley quote - she has been all over the news here in the UK lately -


"Women are attracted by glamour and men are attracted by friendship" Funny that isn't it. It contradicts what you might first expect and yet is probably true. So it is ironic that here we (the men) are fixated on the glamour of fur.

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But the attraction is the glamour of fur...because it is a dream and fetish...


would the attraction be upheld if wearing fur was the normal activity on a day to day basis...would we become hardened to the fur..would it still hold its appeal...?


I am not sure if friendship is what guys want.. doesn't that come later..after your testosterone has calmed down..!

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Well for me the real attraction is the woman in fur. (I know some people become fixated on the fur itself) Somehow the wearing of the fur adds an exciting erotic dimension. Yes maybe if fur was commonplace it would be less so.


In my case there is some extra va va voom from the implied wealth and also confidence and high self-esteem of the wearer. At the same time the wearer is someone who desires comfort, luxury and glamour. In my case it would mirror my lack of self esteem ( you know that Amy Winehouse song about "you're supposed to be stronger than me, you're my lady boy" et.c.et.c.) and so for me makes for an attractive woman.


Presently I am reviewing my collection of photos (i don't have a girlfriend to regulate this behaviour) to drop on the gallery a handfull of favs. of mine. None are unknown, but they do all 'float my boat'.


Yes all men have to manage their testosterone levels, but you know here in Britain we joke about the perfect girlfriend being into football, curry, lager, and filthy sex when required. Errr. I don't need the football or the lager by the way, but could definetly add fur coat(s)


Am I making any sense?

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You know the old saying:


Guys dress up to impress women.

Women dress up to impress other women.


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