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hello from model Eliza


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Hello. My name is Eliza and I am a fashion and fine art model currently doing a Phd on climate disaster risk aversion and sustainable development.

Some of you will know me already from another site.

I was told about this site by touchofsable a former member here who shares my love of the seductive art of the femme fatale. He told me that a senior member here said it was okay for me to join.

I am not a model who panders to what men want to sell you something. I make my living through fine and fashion modelling only.

I very much enjoy the other site and I am not an argumentative person; but some things I may be able to contribute fall outside the perameters of allowed discussion so I thought it worth joining here if that is alright.


I love furs because they are stylish and eco friendly. I have also travelled extensively in the sub arctic and have seen habitat protection through reindeer herding and hunting and fur trade etc. I sleep in reindeer furs.

I am not a fetish person as such but yes of course they have the power to seduce men and can take a role in sex.

They are not the only part of the art of seduction, to me it must be part of a total look. As a model, I must be elegant nude or dressed to kill. So any technique in securing the art of seductive pose is important. I think what happens with fetish is like the story of the elephant and the blind men trying to describe it just by touching one part of it. Some guys like heels, some fur, some corsets, smoking some gloves some nylons. To me there is no such seperation and when combined they are sublime: they are part of a total look. To try to deny what centuries of developing such an art has taught us because of political correctness: whether that be anti smoking propaganda or animal rights ideology, is madness.


I am in a relationship, and I don't want smutty pms thank you.


However I am always willing to discuss allure.

If that is fur we can do it here; but I do have a flickr group devoted to the whole idea of femme fatale style. May I post a link to it?


Also, so poor is the style sensibility of the supposed great minds of the future that I hope to secure the votes of the fur community as I am contesting miss student uk. Before I mobilise my main campaign I would like to secure a good start from those who are passionate about fur and other style elements. May I post a link to my voting page?


I cannot see a way to post images here; so will attempt a link of an image of me; a candid between takes in a f/l blackglama mink.



kind regards Eliza xx

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Lots of stuff in your message, so forgive me if I miss something...


First off welcome to the Den. Hope you enjoy your time here. Hopefully it will be a place where you can come to relax. Spend some time and enjoy yourself. One word of warning - right now it is summer so things are slow on this site as on others. But, it will be surprising just how quickly that it will begin to pick up again. Summer always passes so very fast.


You mention about "Allowed discussion", etc. Yes we are generally much more loose here than on other sites. Many members have indeed mentioned that, with being banned elsewhere for messages that are allowed here. I remember one time of posting a message on another fur site containing a link to a site with some faux and some real fur, and it was indeed disallowed by moderators because it had some faux fur content mixed with the real furs. The one area where we must be vigilant though is on XXX rated posts as our server does not allow it. Just have a look at our rules. They are pretty simple. That area looks large, but it also contains instructions on how to use our site, so all in all it is very simple. I am sure from what you mentioned that most anything you will want to post will probably be ok.


Attachments. No, we do not allow those. However, it is very simple for you to post a photo in our Gallery, and then make a link to it. To make a link just follow our guidelines to do that. You will find info on how to do that in the orange (or pink in the other style) area just over top of most any page. The reason that we do not allow attachments is that if you show a photo as an attachment, it is soon buried under hundreds of posts never to be seen again. If you post the photo in our Gallery, and link to it, then it is there where all of us can always find it and enjoy it.


Links to your site. Yep, you can always post a note telling people of your site. We don't allow a member to do this constantly as it becomes advertisements, and many members hate that. But, now and then is ok. We see ourselves as just providing a service that way.


Unwanted PM's. If you should receive such, just let me or any staff member here know and we will take care of that. We do NOT allow unwanted PM's here. Just copy the PM or email and forward it to us.


As for votes to help you in contests, etc. Each of the fur sites is indeed very tiny. Even with all members in total our numbers are indeed very small. However, I am sure that there will be folks here who would like to help you out and be interested in that area.


Quote - "climate disaster risk aversion and sustainable development." Certainly Touchofsable is very interested in that. However, other members here are as well. I think you will find some folks quite interested in your thoughts there as you bring them up. You might even be interested in contributing some material to our Library. We would love to have more information in that area. Just let any moderator know if you would like to do that, and what ideas that you have. I imagine that you know of some great links for our links pages as well. Our links area is one of the biggest fur links areas on the net with almost 1100 fur related links all checked twice a year. And, it is amazing how much information is in our Library although we would absolutely love to expand it MUCH further.


So... Once again. Great to see another new member. Especially one who wishes to contribute as you obviously do. Great to have you here and hope that you enjoy the site.

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The Fur Den welcomes you, Eliza, and welcomes your thoughts and experiences regarding fur. We hope to hear from you often!

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thank you gentlemen.

My specific area of study Is Indonesia/Sumatra.

In all the theoretical ideas on reconstruction I have not heard mentioned the obvious one which would be in keeping with the Rio declaration 'traditional methods and practices'. This is something I hope to look at as what seems entirely sustainable is the use of water monitor lizard skin.



This also provides a good source of meat.

I have also travelled extensively in south america and seen animal dependent economies damaged by a combination of forced soya farming and the lack of demand for nutria fur caused by two decades of animal rights and boosted mass produced clothing which has in turn caused eco problems. Again nutria and farmed rex rabbit is used for meat both in south america as they are in rural eastern europe. The same is true of the sami and fur farming in the scandinavia finland and russia; so it is difficult to see any ethical objection having any validity whatsoever. Nothing is wasted so it is difficult to see any ethical objection having any validity whatsoever.


Wherever there is animal harvesting/farming sensibly, it is or has the potential to be the greatest ally to conservation aims. Whether that is gators in Louisiana beaver in canada or herding in siberia the truth is the same.


Most fur is still produced in the arctic and you have to raise an eyebrow when you see the 'arctic land grab' headlines in national geographic and wonder if the conspiracy against animal dependent economies is very real. The anti fur lobby has a great deal to answer for if this is the case and I believe it is. Animals harvested and farmed sustainably and humanely are indeed the greatest barrier to irresponsible and unsustainable development and habitat destruction as well as human cultural integrity and identity.


The academic is rather late on the scene but things will change soon. The problem is the media are making rather large amounts of money from perpetuating untruths for advertising revenue and simplistic news and politics for mass consumption.


I have come from several years and a masters distinction in quaternary science having studied some very special ice core samples from antarctica and can tell you similar shocking liberties are being taken on climate change claims. Yes there is climate change, but it is almost certain to be cyclical. Human contribution will pale into insignificance with what is coming eventually; so all this worry is just pointless and basically a scam to raise tax revenues and generate new energy markets imho. Oil is not sustainable and damages habitats but that is a different issue.


The problem is people believe propaganda not academia; and even then sometimes that can be compromised by 'sponsorship'.


I hope that is the kind of viewpoint you would welcome.


Would you kind gentlemen care to register your votes for me please?



And here is my flickr group. Please feel free to upload any captures you would like to your gallery and join if there are other aspects of the total look that appeal to you.


kind regards and thank you

Eliza xx

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What a treat to have such an elegant lady in our midst


If you wish to post your pictures in larger format please pm either me or worker and we can take you through uploading into The Gallery. Your pictures will be more than welcomed here.



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Welcome, eliza! We're so pleased that you've joined our little group - we look forward to hearing more from you!



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Hello Eliza,


Clearly you are as bright as a button. 'Quaternary Science'? I had to look that up on Wikipedia. Good luck with your research.


Up the Furs!

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Welcome to the Fur Den, Eliza! IMHO, the online fur community is a small space, so every "other" site is a welcome addition. I always look forward to your contributions!

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Thank you so much for the welcome and for voting for me! It is very appreciated! I am now in 16th place; and haven't mobilised friends or facebook contacts etc yet.


Hey did anyone watch Alice Roberts the glamorous anthropologist on bbc2 last night?




You would have seen her in reindeer furs at the Evenk reindeer festival , where there were some stunning fur designs.

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Great program. Are you aquainted?


So pleased to see someone on the bbc wear a fur garment without guilt. Hope you can give us advance notice of any tv slots you make - we'll all be cheering you on!

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It's being blocked to IPs outside of the UK.


Anybody got the IP of a good anonymous proxy inside the UK?

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