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Another favorite video - this one probably many won't know!

White Fox

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Time for a favorite video of mine. Yes, it is favorite yet is not given top ratings in our links area. But for some reason I kind of like this myself personally. Maybe because it is people promoting fur? Not sure why, but it is so different.


Hope you enjoy it and would love to know your thoughts.



*Caution. I realize a few folks hate to look at men in fur. There are some cases of that here so you might want to avoid it if this bothers you.


Again, we would love to have more videos and links for our links area. Hope some folks will come up with some.



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What a neat way of promoting fur. It is interesting to note that no body is outraged by this entertainment and the audience covers peoples from around the world.


Thanks for sharing.

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That's the exact same thought that I had. There are a few that seem to show the stereotype that a man never wears women's clothing, and they think that the coat might be that. But there seems no "anti fur" movement. I think the thing with that movement is that they "cry and yell" so much that even though their numbers are unbelievably low, that some people just are taken in thinking "all that noise" is made by many people and not just such a small few. When you turn the tables, you get reality rather than fantasy! Proportion of "animal rights freaks" to the rest of us is so small it is almost invisible.


What I've really found interesting is that no one else has commented on it here. I really thought the "Ease of wearing that coat" shown in the video would be something that members here would love. I am not quite sure how to interpret that reaction.


By the way, I never have figured this "Man wearing women's clothing" stereotype anyhow. How often do women wear men's jeans. How often does a woman wear a man's jacket. How often does a woman wear a hairdo that is close to that of a man. But think of the crap that a man would get if he would wear a coat that would button the way a woman's would. Oh, that would be so terrible! Poor guy would be labelled with all sorts of handles for such a long, long time. How much sense does that make?

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