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Another one of the best.

White Fox

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I have to post another one of the best here for you. This is another "old site" like the last but in a different way. Many links I post with these posts will not be common, but I had to post these two. Older members here will know it so well, but many probably - like me - forget to go there from time to time. It is just so hard to take in everything. With so many different sites on the net to choose from.


First off, I owe the owner a huge apology. Sometimes some of the best links can get missed in links indexes because they are so obvious. This one got missed, and I certainly apologize to the owner, and to members here for that. It is one of the best fur sites on the net. And, among the older ones as well! Also, I want to thank him for his help in providing information on some of the old fur sites for our Library. It is great to have that information now. http://vdsden.thefurden.com/fdwiki/?n=FurInfo.TimeLine2 (We really would like to have more information in this area. If you can help, please let us know or add it yourself.)




BEWARE, that you now need to register. It simply involves sending a request, and the owner will reply with your password, etc. The reply was quick when I registered, and all very easy to do and understand. There is NO charge.


Anyone who has been to this site knows how much work that "Madman" puts into it. I always marvel when someone posts maybe ten photos at a time on our Gallery. Madman has been updating his site for years, and each time the photos are as good as, or better than, the last.


So, new members, and those of you who are just out there looking in. Be absolutely certain that you have a look at this site. If you never look at another link that I recommend, you should look at this one. It has class. It is well done in every respect, just like the old sites of Mr Mockle (now returned in a new form), and Fur Twins/FurBabe sites.


So folks... Enjoy!


White Fox

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I agree with White Fox. This site is not only one of the oldest sites on the internet, it is among the very best. It has always been done with great creativity and class! " title="Applause" />

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