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White Fox

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I thought it might be interesting for the Old White Fox to show folks some of my favorite links on the net and in our links pages. Just one or two now and then.


In doing this, there is only one way to start! Yes, this is a common site well known to many of us. BUT, it is indeed the only site in our links area as I recall to have a double Gold Star. The information on this site does very. But, it is always great with a good deal of interest and education. Many photos. etc. This site just has everything.


As mentioned, many of the "old Farts" like me know it well. But I think even WE will find it interesting to take one more look. And for those who have never seen it. Be prepared to lose a heartbeat! Yes, it is very commercial. But, indeed well worth more than one visit. Well Worth, by FAR!



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