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email question

White Fox

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Some here know that about a month back I began to lose emails into junk mail from people I had been receiving emails from for years. This was not one or two things from one or two people. This was a whole bunch of lost emails from many people. Just all of a sudden. The Server's anti spam program was cutting them out. This was affected by two different emails on two different servers in fact.


Now then, since that, I've heard of at least ten different people who have been losing large numbers of emails into spam. Either they have lost incoming emails, or have sent out emails that never got to people.


I have heard a couple of people mention that they had heard that there were some changes in filtering methods on the net back about then. Anyone heard anything about something like this? I've got all corrected and working well again now. But just tonight I helped one family who was losing quite a lot of messages both incoming and outgoing.



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