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Fur Wallpapers for Nokia 5800 (640x360; 15pcs)


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O.F.F. - Type these two commands at your terminal:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install unrar


Type your administrative password if the computer asks for it then allow the computer to do its thing. Try to open the file again. The Archive Manager will unpack the RAR archives for you.

Inside you'll find 15 JPEGs.


If you can't use the terminal to install it, just use your "Synaptics Package Manager" to install the package "unrar".

Be sure your repository is set for "Multiverse" or you won't be able to find the package you want.


A ".RAR" file is a type of archive much like a .ZIP or a .TAR file. You need the proper program to unpack it.

The Archive Manager that comes standard in Ubuntu can unpack RAR files but it needs the correct package (AKA: plug-in) to be able to do it.

Running "apt-get" installs the "unrar" package into Archive Manager. Once done, RAR files will open by double-clicking just like .ZIP files do.


If you can't handle typing commands at your terminal, the graphical interface to your package manager (Synaptics) can do it for you with the usual point-and-click interface. You just need to have the right repository set or else Synaptics won't be able to find it. The repository needs to be set for "Multiverse."


It's not to hard. You should be able to handle it. If not, give me a holler. I'll try to help.

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Too bad it's in a format I cannot open




A whole lot of technical stuff......



Or I can email them to you.

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Part 1 is nice, but Part 2 is wonderful. I readily found software on the internet for the .ara files. Thanks eversomuch. Thanks SergGV

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